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Top Guide on Planning a Gender Reveal Party

Are you confused on how to go about your gender reveal party? Probably you’re a new parent with no experience planning a top-notch gender reveal party. Ease your brain the stress of thinking and relax your nerves, we’ve got all the tips and guide you need to make your dream gender party come to reality.

Planning Your Gender Reveal Party from Scratch

It’s definitely not easy planning a grand welcome party for your yet unborn child. With all the joy that comes with the news of a baby and the plethora of activities that follow suit. Questions like; what’s the gender of the baby? When is best for the gender revealing party? Who should I invite? What are the activities of a gender reveal party? And lots more, keep buzzing in your head.

Let’s get on with the all you need to know and do when planning a gender reveal party.

#1 Determine the Gender of Your Baby

You can’t reveal a gender you don’t know! Before getting head on with all the planning of a gender reveal party, it’s essential you know the biological gender of your baby.

The big question now becomes; how do you know the gender of your baby, and yet keep it a surprise? Most parents get to know the gender of their baby by scheduling an ultrasound with an expert sonographer twenty weeks into their pregnancy.

When it’s time for the sonographer to reveal the gender of your baby, you can tell the person you want to keep it a secret, then he writes your baby’s gender in a piece of paper and seals it in an envelope.

Generally, professional sonographers can tell a child’s gender at twenty weeks of pregnancy. However, it’s not always exact because some babies cross their legs in front of their genitals. If you’re caught up in such case, you’ll have to reschedule another ultrasound for a time later than twenty weeks to unravel your baby’s biological gender.

For these little uncertainties, you must avoid dating your gender reveal party immediately after your ultrasound.

Now you’ve known your baby’s gender, and this vital step has been completed, next is planning the party fun.

#2 Choose a Theme for Your Gender Reveal

 It’s best to keep your gender reveal party simple and unique; pink and blue. Have a mental picture of things like plastic cups with the pink and blue color mix, guests wearing pink and blue dresses, pink and blue themed fun games, pink and blue drinks, and pink and blue baby napkins.

How about including a party competition that requires party guests dividing into pink and blue teams to participate in the fun of the activity…

No matter how crazy things like this might sound, they are all very much the standard of an epic gender reveal party.

If you’re a busy parent and don’t really have all that time for the planning hassle, you can keep it simple and less tasking by designing your theme around the orthodox pink and blue standard.

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Or, if you’re the reverse of the above, you can make your gender reveal party theme to be more creative and fun, by thinking up more ideas to spice the event. Ideas like, “Is it a Male or Female?” theme, running your creativity from simple to complex.

Some parents use themes like; Baby Gender Reveal Bowl –incorporating a Super Bowl in the theme, What Will it Bee? –Incorporating bees in the theme... It's your choice to make, whatever idea that crosses your mind is great!

Remember, this is a party for your unborn child. Make it memorable and exceptional.

Plan your gender reveal party theme around the things you love. If you're a great lover of sports, bring in your passion to play; by adding sports features to your theme.

You can also design a theme to suit the season. This is an excellent option for women with late pregnancy.

Your desired gender reveal party theme is the same with the theme of the season, serving as a reminder for the season your child was born.

#3 Pick a Date for Your Gender Reveal

This stage answers the question: Who should I invite? It's ethical to notify your guests five to six weeks before the date of your child's gender reveal party, just like you do for every other important party.

When you're done deciding and fixing a perfect date for the event. Next is to draft out a suitable invitation, you can write it yourself or pick any of the charming invitation letters on Esty or Pinterest. But I'll advise you to make it unique—you know your guests better.

The invitation can be sent orally through calls or by email, depending on the number of invitees.

If you're planning a small indoor party with only immediate family members and a few close friends, you can invite your guests orally. But for a larger population, the email option is your best shot.

One last thing, most people make the mistake of not explaining the relevance or meaning of their event in invitations. Don't assume your guest know what gender reveal party means—the gender reveal party is a new practice—and probably some people have never heard of such an event.

Ensure that a part of your invitation briefly explains the meaning of the event before ending the invitation.

#4 Decide the Food and Drink For the Day

Now you've designed a theme for the gender reveal party, have a guess of the number of guests, next are to plan the food and drinks for the party.

Gender reveal parties are generally short with guests stopping by, knowing the gender of the child, and leaving almost immediately. Planning a meal as refreshment won't be ideal for such an occasion.

Snacks or appetizers will serve better as food for your gender reveal party. Opting for snacks like cupcakes with pink and blue fillings will serve as food yet reflecting the customary and glow of a typical gender reveal party.

For the drinks, cocktails, beers, or non-alcoholic beverages can meet the need for thirst quenching, and refreshment for your gender reveal party.

We have a perfect 202 pieces partyware kit (includes forks, plates, napkins and more) serving 25 guests. This beautiful pink and blue baby decor kit will make the party look colorful, fund and will truly be memorable.

Remember, you're not supposed to deviate from the pink and blue standard.

With that said, you can opt for any of the blue-canned beer options—like the Blue Moon, Bud night, or even the famous Labatt Blue.

Finding cocktails with color pink isn't always easy, but you can make a homemade cocktail customizing the drink color to suit the event. Other drinks alternatives like rose wine, pink spritzer, and many more, can all serve as drinks.

But considering the cost, and the taste of your guests, opting for non-alcoholic beverages—the pink cream soda—can also make great drinks satisfaction for your party.

Free feel to add a little healthy color mixing to your food and drinks if you can't find pink and blue theme items for your gender reveal party.

#5 Document the Happy Moments from Your Gender Reveal

With all the work, finance, and time you've put into making your future child's gender reveal party a success, you definitely need to document its happy moments.

Before your guests begin to trip in, ensure you've made provision for a smart and expert photographer or videographer to record and take shots of the party activities as it unfolds.

If you're not buoyant enough to go for the services of a hired professional, you can assign a friend or a family member to help you make videos and shots of your child's gender reveal party.

Alternatively, you can be creative by opting for a Polaroid. Get good wishes for your child by asking your guests to write their wishes for your child at the back of the Polaroid shots as they are printed out.

Life is more satisfying and worth living because of the happy moments we share and cherish, don't allow these memories to fade away with time… at the very least, charge your camera before time and make good documentation of all the activities and love from your child's gender reveal party.

#6 Thank Your Guest

Only people that value and respect you will honor your invitation, it's important you let them know you appreciate their presence.

Our Gold foiled 48 pieces thank you cards are suitable for everyone and is perfect for gender reveal.

Before the party comes to a halt, make out five to ten minutes to orally thank every guest present for their time and love.

You can go the extra mile by arranging a goodie take-home-bag for all your guests, or you could opt for the "Thanks for Coming" card with the theme of the event and words expressing your heartfelt gratitude.

Wrapping It Up

Gender reveal party does not require much of a budget to host, but to some people, it's on the same grade like other big parties and requires detailed planning.

Whatever way you choose to host your gender reveal party the above-listed steps and tips are sure to help you achieve your purpose.

Get all the items you need for a great gender reveal party at their best rates here and go catch some happy moments.


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