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Top 10 Best DIY Gender Reveal Games Everyone Will Love

Are you looking for the best DIY games for your gender reveal party? If yes, then look no further. Your gender reveal party can last a few hours when you put in some great games into it. Here, you can get to know about the best gender reveal games that you can arrange on your own.

Hosting a gender reveal party all by yourself has never been so easy with these awesome games, which are perfect for playing with your guests. These games will surely fit your fervent mood of finding out the gender of your baby. Plus, they will get your guests talking, having fun, and laughing.

With so many choices of games, there is something or the other for every type of future mom and dad. We’ve listed 10 best game ideas, which will surely make your guests remember your gender reveal party. This list includes quizzes, prediction games, etc.

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Name that baby tune game

This game is like the Christmas song game. In this game, guests have to read the lyrics of popular songs and try to speculate the name and original artist of the song. For guessing the correct song, you can give one point and for conjecturing the correct original artist, you can award two points.

The guest with the most points wins the game. Every title or artist name in this game has either the word blue or pink in it. You can also play one song at a time and all the guests can write their answers in their individual sheets of paper in this name that baby tune game.

Movie or TV game

This game has a similar concept like our #1 game. In this game also, all the answers have the word blue or pink in them. However, in this game, there are no songs but movies and TV shows. Guests are provided with a few hint words rather than lyrics and they have to come up with the name of the movies or TV shows.


Who hasn’t heard of the classic Bingo game? Now, you can organize your favorite bingo game in your gender reveal party. You can buy pink and blue bingo player cards that come with question mark player chips and caller chips.

Old wives tale quiz and voting

In the old wives tales game, the guests have to guess the answers to common superstitions. The game is to tell what a fact is and what a myth is. The one with the most number of correct answers wins the game. You can give a small prize to the winner.

Plus, there is a voting board where guests can cast their vote by writing their name under the boy or girl option depending on what they feel will be the gender of the baby. All the people who guess the gender of the baby correctly win the prize. This set of voting and old wives tales games will keep your guests entertained.

Baby name race game

As the name of the game suggests, in this game, the guests have to guess the name of the baby. There is a sheet of paper where all the letters of the alphabet are already printed. Each guest is given one sheet of paper. Guests have to write as many names as they can with the first letter already given on the paper.

Guests have to do this within a particular time frame, which can be 9 minutes since it takes 9 months for a baby to come into this world. Whoever writes the most names within the time frame wins the game. This simple and fun baby name race game can also help parents-to-be get some new ideas for naming their baby.

Name the baby food

In this fun game, you have to put some baby food on a table. Guests have to look, smell, and taste the baby food and then speculate what is the name of that baby food. The person who conjectures the most correct answers wins a prize. You can make this game fit into the gender reveal party by making the decorations in blue and pink color. Plus, you can put the food in blue or pink containers.

Guess the candy

Who doesn’t love candy and chocolates? In this sweet game, you have to fill one or more baby milk bottles with candy or chocolates. The bottle can be in pink color, blue color, or a mix of both. Guests have to write down the number of sweets they think are in the bottle. Whoever guesses the closest number wins the bottle of candies.

Guess the date

In this game, guests have to make their predictions on the due date of the baby, that is, the day on which the baby will be born. The person who guesses correctly wins the game. You can also host this game in your baby shower.

Blue and pink powder

You can come up with different gender reveal games with blue and pink powder at your party. For instance, you can fill black balloons with this powder or there can be color powder fights between guests.

You can place black balloons on a board and guests can pop these balloons in order to reveal the color inside the balloons. Or else, you can just fill one balloon with one color, either pink or blue, and keep the rest of the balloons empty. You can scatter these balloons around the party. Guests can pop one balloon at a time. When that one balloon is finally popped, everyone will know the gender of the baby.

Moreover, guests can throw the colored powder at each other and celebrate the coming of a baby. Even if this idea sounds messy, it will surely give you a few amazing clicks with the guests. You can also buy things like baseballs or golf balls that can explode the pink and blue colors. Any gender reveal party can have this powder for all those fun activities for the guests.

Gender juice pong

This game is quite old. You can host it in your gender reveal party with a few twists. Divide your guests into two teams of blue and pink or girls vs. boys teams. Take some clear plastic cups and fill them with a blue or pink punch.

Both the teams have to put the balls into their own cups. The teams can play in turns or they can just stand at opposite sides of the table to face each other. The team with the most number of balls in the cups wins the game.


So, these are the top 10 Do-It-Yourself gender reveal party games that you can organize. These games are super fun to play. However, if you want to organize a lot of games and decorate your party nicely, you would have to buy a lot of things separately, which could take a lot of time.


To make things easier for you, we have this 104 Pieces Gender Reveal Party Supplies Kit for you. This is a complete set with 104 pieces that can help you decorate your gender reveal party as well as host gender games in it.

This kit includes photo booth props wherein you can capture your guests while they guess the gender of your baby or you can pose wearing the “Mummy to Be” Sash. There are also balloons, confetti, cupcake toppers, team stickers, and balloon strings in this kit.

So, try out this kit and let me know how your gender reveal party went with it in the comment section below!

Looking for all you need gender reveal party kit?
You can buy our 104 pieces party supply kit that includes 36 inch Gender Reveal balloon with confetti.

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